Soul Connection Remember when you were little, and you would wrap yourself up in a cosy blanket and listen to someone tell you a story? Or maybe you remember being in a circle of friends at school and listening to your teacher share a tale? Do you remember how relaxing, safe and special that space was? And if you didn't have that kind of experience growing up, would you like to try it now?

Well, Soul Story Time is my way of bringing you that experience again, twice a month, to support as many of you as possible on your path to living happily ever after here and now!

This is our own private club where we'll meet up on a conference line and step into a safe, sacred and light-filled space.  Come exactly as you are (PJs and sweatpants are welcome:-) from wherever you are in the world and join me and other like-hearted souls who are ready to relax into the expansion that comes through working with the truth of our Soul Stories.

It's simply perfect for you if you're:
  • Loving the idea of connecting with a supportive, soul-centred group on a regular basis
  • Interested in living your life aligned with the JOYFUL essence of your soul
  • Ready to apply practical, life-shifting tools, energy shifts and powerful guidance that support you in MULTIPLYING YOUR SMILE FACTORS
  • Seeking ANSWERS that you feel your meditations, journaling or inner explorations haven't revealed yet
  • Curious to get a taste of what WORKING WITH ME is like

    On the first call each month I'll focus on a specific topic, such as clearing a pathway for joy. Topics may be inspired by a common concern, resistance or opportunity that I'm noticing across multiple private sessions. It may be connected to seasonal opportunities, such as New Year Resolutions, so you can make the most of the influences and energies around you. Or I may choose a topic that is focused on supporting you in processing energies, information or events of a more global nature that may be impacting you at the individual level. Above all, I'll guide you to turn completely upside down whatever is making you frown!

    On each month's second call, I'll open up the line so you can ask a question about anything from our topic call, share insights you've had or perhaps get help on anything else that you feel is lowering your energy, hampering your happiness or causing confusion of any kind.

    You'll receive:
  • ONE HOUR of divine guidance, energy activations, meditations, practical tools and more on the 2nd Thursday of every month
  • ONE HOUR of live coaching/Q&A for your burning questions about whatever we've shared or whatever is coming up for you as you align to more of your soul's joyful essence on the 4th Thursday of every month
  • Never miss a Story Time as you'll receive a recording of every call within 48 hours
  • Gain access to other Your Soul Story products, programmes and services at SPECIAL RATES
  • Experience multiple inner and outer smiles that flow naturally from putting yourself and your soul's energy at the forefront of your consciousness at least twice a month!

    We will meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 12pm CST/ 6pm GMT.  All calls are recorded and downloadable links will be sent to your mailbox within 48 hours so you'll never have to miss Story Time!

    We'll dial into a teleconference with some country-specific numbers available.  All the details will be sent to your mailbox monthly.

    You can join Soul Story Time as a drop-in member or sign up for a 6-month or annual membership.

    Regular private session rates with me would equate to over $600 per month but this special programme that is dear to my heart also has very special rates!

    Monthly drop-in rate: $25.00 each month, payable by end of day Tuesday before each call (second and fourth Tuesday)

    6-month membership: Regular six month membership is $150. Join with this option and you pay $125.00 and get ONE MONTH FREE

    12-month membership: Regular rate is $300 but join with this option and you'll pay $225.00 and get THREE MONTHS FREE.

    So find your favourite spot to relax and join me for Soul Story Time. You may very well have that sense of belonging, being cared for and supported that feels really, really good.

    I'm saving you a seat!