Alicia's work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures clear truth and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a is Alicia."
Therese Rowley, PhD, author of Mapping A New Reality,

“Whether you do this work for self healing or as a help to others your work and calling is truly an honor. I am honored I finally found myself after struggling with ignoring my call.”

Marie Galdi, Founder of Alternative Health Visions, LLC

"For over 3 years I have had a pain in my right hip, getting really bad the last 8-9 months or so. In the second week of the Soul Attunements the pain started to go away and is now completely gone! I have also had lots more energy, and felt very motivated to do a 9 day detox in the middle of this, resulting in losing 2 of 3 kg that I put on over 3 years ago and have not managed to shift until now Thank you for all your work Alicia!"

Vibeke Francis, Reiki Master Healer,

“The biggest change I've noticed is the ease I am having doing this 21 day detox...the last time I did one I had a horrible time with it, and with this one it just feels easy and natural. I think I knew deep down that my soul wanted me to do this, and with the attunement my body is just having an easier time. I didn't really experience anything having to do with my original intention for the program, but I am thinking that maybe this cleansing is a way to make room for me to receive more in the future! I loved knowing that you were thinking about me every day, and I loved the actual soul attunement recordings. I honestly wouldn't change a thing! ”

Peggy Ottman, Writer/blogger,

“I loved ARC Level 3 as I feel far more empowered and confident in my intuitive abilities, and my role in supporting and helping others. I can hear my inner voice and guides much more clearly, and I feel I have shifted a huge amount of outdated limiting beliefs, which were blocking me from moving forward on my Life's purpose.”

Alison Stokes, Astrologer, Mystic Therapist and Animal Healer.

"Accessing the records is a wonderful tool to attain that which one desires and to assist you with feeling more connected to self/God. Plus it feels amazing and very expansive! Best of all, we all can do this"

Katie Kleppe

"I was ready to make profound change and - if you are open to the process, I must say it is one of the easiest processes/shifts I've ever done. I've changed. and will be making significant changes going forward! Letting go of the fear.... what a wonderful freeing way to live, to be-ing!"

Margaret Price

“I loved the Healthy Body, Happy Soul 28 Day Programme. As a metaphysical practitioner I truly believe that our physical reality (including our bodies) reflect what we believe is possible and that if we hold vitality and health in our vibration we can transform even conditions like arthritis. However, belief needs action and in the Healthy Body, Happy Soul 28 Day Programme I found the structure to give me the real world tools to begin the physical transformation I wanted. I particularly loved Alicia’s weekly meditations (activations) as they energetically and mentally kept me on track. I lost 15 pounds during the 28 days and also greatly reduced inflammation in my physical body. Just before the program I had been told my iron levels were too high. I had a blood test after the program and all my levels were back in the normal range – amazing!!! Please do this for yourself – it is an act of self-love that pays you back over and over again!”

Cathleen O’Connor, PhD,, Empowering Women through Boundaries and Balance

I did the Healthy Body, Happy Soul 28 day Program because I was feeling lethargic and mentally stuck. I really enjoyed Alicia's Joy of Money class and thought the Healthy Body, Happy Soul cleanse would be a great for a mental recharge. Unlike other cleanses I have done in the past, it was great to have emotional/spiritual support. I loved the weekly phone calls which allowed me to go deep and address the problems that were surfacing during the cleanse. Alicia's insight was extremely helpful and accurate and she was able to tell me where my issues originated and what to do to move past it, as well as providing wonderful clearings. I now feel clearer, have renewed energy and motivation, and have also kicked my diet Pepsi addiction. I recommend this program for anyone who is feeling stuck in life. Whether you want to lose weight, or lose mental baggage, this program will help you do both.

Amy Felts, Independent Team Beachbody Coach,

“I loved the support that I received from Alicia, and the opportunity to explore and expand my dreams. Dreams I never imagine would have happen before I met her! I loved the fact that she was able to help me pin point what it was I really wanted! Then guided me to envision that dream for myself, right into reality! Since I took this class my life has changed dramatically! I took a huge leap in following my dream, with the coaching and encouragement and advice from Alicia, the next stage of living my dream, has become a reality! I recommend that anyone who is looking to shift from dreaming the dream, to actually LIVING the dream, should take this class!”

Cate Raphael, artist,, Nantucket, MA

"It is a celebration, A homecoming of self with self."

Deb Costa

Alicia is an amazing teacher! And the flow and content of the course material was very easy to follow."

Peggy Ottman, Writer

"It provides a thorough, efficient and empowering method of accessing your own Akashic Records, in a safe and supportive environment."

Alison Stokes, Astrologer, Mystic Therapist and Animal Healer.

"Accessing the records is a wonderful tool to attain that which one desires and to assist you with feeling more connected to self/God. Plus it feels amazing and very expansive! Best of all, we all can do this"

Katie Kleppe

"I was ready to make profound change and - if you are open to the process, I must say it is one of the easiest processes/shifts I've ever done. I've changed. and will be making significant changes going forward! Letting go of the fear.... what a wonderful freeing way to live, to be-ing!"

Margaret Price

“I loved my sessions with Alicia, listening to the call ins, her manner of connection with each person - deep respect, acceptance, genuine desire for everyone to realize their dream/potential, joyful spirit & intentional response. The content was very relevant and purposeful & I connected with Alicia’s thoughts & wisdom as well as some of the other participants who called in. I would recommend this to others who truly feel they will take the time to dive into the process/journey as this forum can support a greater sense of self awareness and purpose.”

Kristin Burns, LCSW, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of Shiatsu, Illinois

Alicia Isaacs Howes is a brilliant, heart-centered teacher with a vision of her students that transcends their abilities to create happy, meaningful lives. This was my experience with Alicia’s Soul Journeys Akashic Records Level 1 Certification Class. In her wise, succinct and poetic manner, Alicia not only helped me to understand my power, purpose and passions as an individual, but most diligently helped every student implement these discoveries to maximize real-life opportunities in business and relationships. Since attending Alicia’s Soul Journeys Akashic Records Class, I have found myself with an expanded view of what I am capable of – and in light of that, was inspired to create a new business and shift out of trauma from an eighteen-year abusive relationship. The two words that hardly do her and her class justice, but that should be said in abundance, are “thank you”.
Nadia Powers, Chief Energy DeClutterer

"Oh, where do I begin with the gifted, talented and lovely Alicia Isaacs Howes?? Every time I've connected with Alicia, I always receive some AMAZING golden nugget or insight about my life I could not see on my own. I am a pretty awake and aware woman. For this reason, I require someone with fairly advanced intuitive abilities to support me. Alicia takes the cake on so many levels in that department! I HIGHLY recommend Alicia as the ONLY intuitive you'll ever need to work with! "
Kim Sarrasin, Queen of Hearts,

"I just had my session this week with Alicia and was WOWed by her accuracy, the joyfulness of the process, depth and completeness of her work (really is more joyful than the word work describes). I appreciated her ability to connect with me with integrity, purity and loving intention while doing in her Intuitive Coaching/Your Soul Story work. I was able to release a number of core patterns and illusions easily and effortlessly. For those of you who can shift and clear energy quickly, Alicia can keep up with you (refreshing)!! I can easily recommend Alicia for anyone who is choosing to get clarity or move forward in their life – she is fantastic. Thank you Alicia again for the session!
Julie Jameson, Founder/Healer,

"I just wanted to let you know that I am still experiencing the powerful effects of your reading. I have never felt this much joy in my life before. I am still amazed at the blocks that were released in my heart center. I feel like I am experiencing life as a completely different person now! I am no longer afraid to feel or have experiences anymore. I'm enjoying being in my heart again and I am truly ready to share my divine gifts & talents with the world. Thank you so very much for the love, patience and support you provided during our session together!"
Chelsea Logan, CEO & Chief Visionary,

I have never been so humbled by any experience in my life as by my over-the-phone reading with Alicia. Once a non-believer in psychic guidance myself, my defenses were cast down the instant I heard Alicia's voice on my voice mail returning my call for help. I knew I could trust her & I was SO right. I was floored by Alicia's sweet, nurturing, and uncanny ability to unveil my unconscious past with her immense talent. Thanks to her, I can move forward from self-doubt and LIVE in self-awareness.
Nadia Schmidt

Call right now--I mean it! I had a reading with Alicia yesterday and feel anyone and everyone who has any questions about their Soul Story or wondering how to get back on track in their Life can sincerely benefit from her warmth, integrity, insight, healing and compassion. From the moment we first spoke, I was washed over with a sense of calm & peace, and knew Alicia would discover what I needed to hear to heal and regain the love and joy in my own life. Just call--you'll be thrilled!!!
Pamela Radke, Founder,

Alicia was extremely accurate in her reading of me. She mentioned many things regarding my rearing as a child that were right on target without ever asking leading questions. She is very lovely and kind and it was about the most positive reading I've ever had with a psychic. I came away with a much better feeling about my deceased father with whom I had a difficult relationship with while growing up. For that I am most grateful and finally at peace with. Thank you Alicia.
Leslie O'Neal

"Hmmmm ... what do I recommend about Alicia? Well, for starters, everything. Seriously! This woman is one of the most grounded, intuitive, gentle yet powerful people you could ever hope to work with. Her ability to tune into not only what a situation is really about but what is actually driving it on a subconscious level beneath the scenes is amazing. She will always, always help you find your way to the bigger picture and the deeper lesson in the current chapter of your life. She expertly guides you see both the root of the issue at hand as well as the quickest, most heart centered way to move forward. She can deliver messages that are hard to hear in a way that is easy to absorb and her ability to shift and clear energy right on the spot makes every session with her as empowering as it is insightful. If you are considering working with Alicia, my advice is not to wait another minute to call her. She is truly a charm on the bracelet of life."
Merry Carole Powers, Founder of Powers Emporium,

"I just had my second reading with Alicia. Like my first time she amazed me. She helped identify issues right on and explained ways I could get over them. Her voice and tone indicates how much she cares for those who call her. Thank you Alicia."
Amar Pillai

"I was really impressed with Alicia and would highly recommend her-- and already have to my mother. She spotted my issues right away and helped me find ways to heal both over the phone and in daily practices. She is kind and smart and clearly very intuitive!"
Annie LaVigne, Illustrator & Founder,

"My time spent talking with Alicia left me amazed, excited and inspired. It has taken me a couple of days to fully absorb everything Alicia shared with me and I am left feeling very satisfied and more curious than ever. Alicia put me at ease and her kindness meant so much to me. I definitely will be working with Alicia again as I continue down my path of enlightenment and healing."
Noelle Erdman

"Wow - what an exceptional reading. I am going through a growing/transition phase in my life although I am 45. Alicia was able to confirm I am on the right path, even provided resources to further my success. Our connection was instant and empowering. I highly recommend her to all. She utilizes intuition with her coaching background for outstanding results. She will be a resource for me for years to come. I can tell already. Don't wait to change your life for the better. Contact her today."
Julie Delgado

"This is my 3rd session with Alicia in the last 8 months. 3 different subjects: sense of self-worth, soul purpose, and relationships. Each time - I experienced a continuous and progressive energy shift towards greater self awareness and personal evolution. Once she establishes the sacred space and she 'taps' into your personal auric energy - it is experience like no other! Highly intuitive and mindfully gifted. Genuine and authentic. She is the one! There is no other like her!"
C. Santos Logan

"Alicia is a gifted intuitive & Akashic Record reader. She validated & answered questions about concerns I had, before I even posed the questions! She addressed past life occurrences w/ such clarity, that it shed an immense amount of light on, & brought awareness & understanding to present circumstances. It was a succession of crystal clear AHA! moments! Alicia works from a very kind, nurturing & gentle place and when working with her, you feel a vibratory lift. I highly recommend her!"
Sarah Cornett

"I found my reading to be reassuring, fascinating, and empowering. Alicia has a true gift and the ability to share it in such an inclusive, straightforward way which feels relevant to daily life. As much as what she is doing is 'mystical', Alicia is simply tuned into another sense which most of us never use, and her clarity is amazing! Everything she shares she shares with love and when the reading was over I felt ten feet tall! I am going to give my mother the gift of an Akashic Reading and can't wait for her to discover how special it is."
Anastasia Brien

"I participated in Alicia's Joy of Money call and, subsequently, in her "Heal Your Money Story" class, and it revolutionized me in totally unforeseen ways. In one 30-minute "Joy of Money" phone call, Alicia shined a light on the fact that a.) My relationship with money was about so much more than money, and that b.) It needed to change in order to reach my fullest expression of self. I discovered I'd been polluting my consciousness with thoughts of inadequacy, so-called humility, self-deprecation and fear. After 32 years of having certain ideas about myself and the world, one energy activation and the three-part class with Alicia snapped me into the reality that I can be, do and attract anything in the universe.

Since the class: - I've gotten in touch with how I spend money and paid new attention to aligning my spending with greater family goals; I've developed a more hands-on relationship with money by setting up a family email address for bills; and I've assumed some of the bill paying. I've also requested my husband and I draft a family budget to encourage thoughtful spending of our money, an exercise I previously would've avoided.
- I've attracted regular, well paying and highly satisfying freelance work with a new company.
- In my other freelance job, the floodgates have been opened for me to consciously help others through the work I do.
- I've stopped making self-deprecating comments in casual conversation with others. (This is huge for me.)
- I have a starkly new relationship with food. Whereas I used to employ unhealthy foods as a resource for comfort and for suppressing complex emotions, after wrapping up the class with Alicia, I embarked on a daunting detox, from which I emerged radiantly revived and, for the first time ever, in tune with what my body needs and wants me to eat. Moreover, not only am I attuned to what my body wants or doesn't want, but I have the power to act accordingly. The best part of the story is that I'm going on five months of effortless healthy eating.
- My physical form has changed significantly in the months since the class. I'm leaner, stronger, lighter and more balanced, inside and out. What's more, a part of my body I always thought was hopeless is changing dramatically in my favor.
- I received a couple long-forgotten checks in the mail.
- Friends have invited us to visit, with free accommodations, in two long-desired vacation destinations.
- I received a free plane ticket from a most unexpected benefactor.
- My friend offered to keep my kids overnight so my husband and I could get away without paying the cost of a babysitter.
- I'm experiencing a deepening connection with my intuition, and finding amazing new gifts within that connection.
I'd recommend Alicia's class to anyone looking for mind-blowingly positive change not only in their relationship with money, but with themselves and with the universe. "
Emily Hughey-Quinn, Writer, Chicago, IL,

"Make the personal commitment to abandon your negative money story before you start the "Joy of Money" seminar with Alicia.
Finding "joy" in money was really tough for me. Scarcity driven by fear left me paralyzed when faced with any financial decision. I used fear to stop a needed home renovation, take a much needed vacation, plan for my retirement, or even buy new clothes. The financial 'what ifs' kept me from getting a good night's sleep. I felt financially burdened and trapped.

I had worked with Alicia previously on personal issues related to transition
- transition from the emotional depths of being unworthy; and, transition from grief to emotional wholeness. When, she announced her seminar on the "Joy of Money" - I saw this an opportunity to release my negative views and fears of money and replace these emotions with comfort, understanding, acceptance and gratitude. With each weekly "Joy of Money" session, I shed layers of negative falsehoods that complicated my personal money story and opened myself to the energies of financial possibility, opportunity, and excitement. I developed a healthy respect for money and now see money as my energetic partner, my tool to financial success. Alicia helped me see Money through clearer lenses. As a result, I have a sense of peace and comfort that I've never had, nor imagined was possible.

Alicia is the perfect Guide to lead you to your own personal self-discovery and healing. For me, removing fear from my money story has driven scarcity from my life. Come prepared to learn, be committed to work, and leave amazed at your own personal healing. The results are wonderful!"
C. Logan, Springfield, VA

Dear Alicia,

I just want to thank you for the invitation to join in on "The Joy of Money" call you had last week. I must say I was skeptical as to how this call could help me, but so glad that I did took the time. I received messages that felt were just for me, so many times I could relate to what was blocking me from receiving the "joy" of money.

I want to share with you how immediate my shift came. We have a motorhome that we traveled for 3 years across the U.S., when we came back home we had it in storage for the past year. We became so busy with day to day activities moving back home, gardening, and work that we lost our "joy" of traveling with our RV. We thought about selling it but then a part of us did not want to let go of the "joy" we received in using it.

After your call, I knew what I had to do to regain the "joy".

We found a beautiful RV lake resort, invested in an annual site to regain the "joy" we had when we traveled in our home away from home. While we were there the resort manager even asked us if we would like to work part time a day or two, imagine that! So to sum it up, the shift came immediately for me as the information gave me insight to release my fear and doubt regarding this particular issue in our lives. If things go well we may work a day or two and this would be an even trade….."oh the Joy of Money" if we just allow ourselves to shift!

As of yesterday we now have a "vacation home" in a lovely resort with many activities that we can share with family and friends. As we met our neighbors, explored the campground and all the amenities we know we made the right choice. We both recognize that fear and doubt were blocking us from receiving the joy that we "deserve" in life.

Thank you Alicia, and I look forward to your next four sessions….yes, I signed up right after the call!
Sylvia Napoles, Founder/Healer,

"Before consulting with Alicia, I was stuck in my money story...I believed that I was a stay-at-home mom who would never be able to get back into the work force because my skills were too rusty. I believed that no one would be interested in hiring me. After taking the course, I have been offered a part-time job that will work well for my family's schedule, but I also cleared many other blocks that were preventing me from being fully happy. Alicia helped me to see that the universe really is an abundant place and that everything I need is there the taking. Abundance began to flow into my life in many more ways than just in financial aspects. I stopped feeling so overwhelmed about everything and I began to simply allow good things to flow into my life!"
Christine Conroy, Chicago, IL

"During those 2 months of work with Alicia, I very clearly identified the ways my money story was no longer serving me and that it was really only part of a much more pervasive mindset of lack and scarcity impacting many areas of me and my life. Once I had awareness of how I was getting in my own way and put into place the tools that she taught to shift to a mindset of abundance, I was able to liberate myself from the chains of "not enough"! I left my job, decluttered my living and heart space, allowed time for not knowing my next step, practiced gratitude for everything I could and all of the sudden opportunities began to roll in! I was invited by two organizations to do consulting work, both requiring that I be part of a business and have a contract—I started my own company!! All of the sudden my dream was upon me! Then my registry position became a wonderful source of income, in addition to several other per diem and contract opportunities allowing me the flexibility in scheduling to start my own business while still making enough to live a wonderful life!

My life has changed dramatically in the last 5 months and the most incredible shift is how I feel because of what I've learned. I discovered that the wealth I was seeking lives within me every day, and through those eyes…there is always more than enough! I have immeasurable gratitude for this woman who helped me to discover the abundance in and all around us!"
Ellen Tanner, Ellen Tanner Consulting Inc