What is a Soul Story and why would you want to read it?

Your Soul Story is the Book of You and contains the limitless, non-judgmental, neutral records of all the ways that you've explored life through your thoughts, emotions, choices and actions, whether in this lifetime or others. These records are also referred to as the Akashic Records or the Book of Life.

Sounds fascinating, right? There's a high curiosity factor in reviewing the Soul Story Records and finding all the ways that you've incarnated. And there are lots of wonderful readers who love to do this if that's what you're looking for. What I focus on is tapping into the power of your Soul Story to help clear any energy blocks that are affecting you in this lifetime at the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels.

I use your Soul Story to reveal the conscious, unconscious or subconscious blocks that are keeping you from experiencing the reality that you'd prefer. I stay in a neutral, loving, observer role to identify where you're resisting what you say you want. I create a safe space for you to release the old energies and align with the ones that will uplift you the most and help you move forward in living your dreams.

For example, a phobia with no known logical root cause from this lifetime can be shifted. Especially once you know where it originated and what else was going on when you associated spiders, snakes, enclosed spaces or heights with something that really didn't feel good or safe to you.

A repeating pattern that results in difficult relationships (self/loved ones/financial/health), a stuck career path, unhealthy choices or upset of any kind can be looked at from another perspective that is broader, wider and less constricted. And as you shift your viewpoint on the pain, healing can occur.

When you're ready, you can release and replace the repeating pattern with something that supports you better. This is when you can align your energy (thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, choices and actions) with whatever makes your eyes sparkle and lifts your heart such as happy relationships at home, at work, with yourself, your dreams, your body, your finances, your spiritual connection, your community and your world.

It's through releasing and replacing old, outdated energy patterns that you can more easily embrace all the potential that you came here to embody. Yes, all of it!

And you move from not only enjoying the present but expanding your future possibilities.

Just read that last sentence again and really feel what it would be like to not only uplevel your present reality, but create a clearer, happier and more fulfilling future beyond what you may have even dreamed of until now.

The bottom line is that you begin to embody more of your own soul's essence.
No wonder others say it feels so good!

All appointments are conducted over the phone on a private bridge line so we can connect wherever you are in the world. I describe a Soul Story reading as a massage for your spirit. So, if you're ready for the best massage of your life, click here to book your appointment today.