Relationships – everyone has at least one! But you may not feel that you've figured an important one out or are quite comfortable in all of them. You may even feel the need to be alone, wishing you could go into seclusion to get away from everyone and everything. But the truth is, as energy beings who have chosen this planet to experience the physical world, we are here to explore the world in relationship with others. Whether you like it, love it or not, relationships are a big part of your Soul Story. So why not make them another way to experience greater levels of peace, connection and fulfillment than you've perhaps thought possible?

When I'm talking about relationships, I'm referring to any and every kind of relationship you can imagine – family, friendship, professional (career/own business), romantic, spiritual, etc. Each one of these helps you to see how you're choosing to show up in the world, understand where you may be holding yourself back and can help you celebrate your choices or remind you to choose again.

You have three different levels of coaching to peruse through. And whether you're ready to Turn the Page, Start a New Chapter or Create Volumes of Transformation, typical results of clear attention, powerful energetic shifts and loving support all focused on your Relationship Chapter include:
  • Creating healthy boundaries in your relationships so they are fulfilling and supportive in how you show up and whom you attract
  • Clearing blocks around connection, giving, receiving and enjoying
  • Expanding beyond limitations around what you can and can't do, experience, or even deserve in terms of your relationships
  • Shifting perspective around any uncomfortable or painful connections, so you can integrate the blessings and let go of the anything that is no longer supporting you
  • Energising your relationship chapter so you smile with fulfillment, support and happiness

  • Sounds pretty fantastic, right? But how do you know which programme is the right one for you? First give yourself some quiet time to read through these three options and make a note of whatever makes your eyes twinkle, expands your heart or makes your lips curve upwards into one of the most transformative shapes on the planet - your smile.

    And then ask yourself these three questions:
    1. Where are you in your relationship story now?
    2. Where would you like to be?
    3. How ready are you to bridge that gap?

    Ready to dive in and explore how you can increase the love, enjoyment and happiness in your relationship story? Then here are three programmes:
    Turning the Page: (6 Months)
    Start a New Chapter: (9 Months)
    Create Volumes of Transformation: (12 Months)
    What's Next?

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