I'm so glad you're here looking at how to make your money story an even happier one! After all, who wouldn't want to add a lot more reasons to smile about it? So if you're tired of making money the bad guy and ready to give it a bigger supporting role, you're in exactly the right place.

I'm here to help you rewrite your money story and, because you're the one in charge here, you don't have to just tweak it or make it a little bit happier and healthier. You can make it the kind of story where stress, worry or guilt about money become things of the past and you get to play, create and explore in whichever way you choose.

And I can say that because I've rewritten my own money story. And I'm especially delighted to share the same tools and information with you. Because this is definitely a case of the more, the merrier, not just for me and you but for the entire world. Can you imagine how things might change if more of us knew how to tap into whatever we need whenever we need it?

And there's an added bonus to rewriting your money story. For after you've learned how to partner with money rather than be bothered, ignored or persecuted by it, you can apply those same tools and mindsets to all other stories too.

You have three different levels of coaching to peruse through. And whether you're ready to Turn the Page, Start a New Chapter or Create Volumes of Transformation, typical results of clear attention, powerful energetic shifts and loving support all focused on your Money Chapter include:
  • Clearing blocks you have to receiving, sharing and playing with money (and other energies)
  • Expanding beyond limitations around what you can and can't be, have or deserve
  • Helping you decide what would truly make your heart sing and open up to all your dreams
  • Gaining clarity around your specific gifts and talents and how to employ them
  • Aligning your energy so you can take action to bring your dreams into the here and now
  • Opening up all your channels to giving and receiving so you can enjoy riches at every level
  • Energising your money chapter to create well-being at every level
  • Eligibility to participate in most classes, workshops and events as my gift to you during your coaching programme, excluding Soul Journeys certification courses. Every soul who opens up to all they came here to be makes a difference in our world. And anything that leads to more smiles all around is something I want to be a part of!

  • Sounds pretty fantastic! But how do you know which programme is the right one for you? First give yourself some quiet time to read through these three options and make a note of whatever makes your eyes twinkle, expands your heart or makes your lips curve upwards into one of the most transformative shapes on the planet - your smile.

    And then ask yourself these three questions:
    1. Where are you in your money story now?
    2. Where would you like to be?
    3. How ready are you to bridge that gap?

    Ready to dive in and explore how you can amp up the happiness in your money story? Then here are three programmes:
    Turning the Page: (6 Months)
    Start a New Chapter: (9 Months)
    Create Volumes of Transformation: (12 Months)
    What's Next?

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