If you're looking at how to make your health and well-being a priority, I'm glad you're here. As an infinite being who is here to explore and master physicality, it makes a lot of sense to support, nurture and love the vehicle, aka your body, that allows you to be here.

But that's not always the case for many of us. We often find ourselves suffering from a case of not-enoughitis (not enough energy, time, money, freedom, knowledge, strength, motivation, willpower etc.) to look after ourselves and our bodies. And if you've recently received a diagnosis that has changed how you're feeling about your body, your life and your world, it can be challenging to get clear enough to decide how to move forward.

I'm here to help you revise your health story and, because you're the one in charge here, you don't have to just tweak it or make it a little bit happier and healthier. You can make it the kind of story where whatever ideas or beliefs you may have about experiencing the physical realm can be adjusted or changed completely to one where you open up to greater levels of expansiveness, enjoyment and exploration rather than limitation, restriction and suffering.

By connecting to your essence, you can the underlying causes for beliefs, habits, patterns that lead to blocked or stagnant energy. It's the stagnation of energy that can show up as stress, worry, upset, unhealthy habits, pain, illness and disease in your body. By opening up your Soul Story, you can release the underlying causes of any discomfort or illness and allow energy to flow more naturally. And then you can not only begin to feel better emotionally, mentally or spiritually but you can also experience relief in your physical symptoms too. It's a little like acupuncture without the needles!

I've been diagnosed with one disease for which there is no known cure and misdiagnosed with another which led to of shock, fear, pain and then residual, long-term side effects from the treatment. I've also suffered for decades from chronic and debilitating migraines that lasted for days every few weeks. My own healing crises lead me to explore other ways to work with energy and the services I offer today. They also deepened my understanding of how unconscious beliefs, inherited patterns and limitations can be shifted.

Since 2000, I've worked with others to guide them to releasing and shifting energies that resulted in stress, worry, indecision, control issues, panic attacks, eating disorders, MS, diabetes and cancer amongst others. I've witnessed remarkable relief, management and healing of health conditions when my clients have stepped into authorship of their health story and revised, updated or replaced whatever was needed for a greater sense of well-being and happiness.

I'm not a doctor and, if you're working with a health professional, I highly recommend that you continue to work with them. Allow my services to supplement and boost whatever you may already be receiving, so you open to all opportunities for your healing, well-being and harmony.

You have three different levels of coaching to peruse through. And whether you're ready to Turn the Page, Start a New Chapter or Create Volumes of Transformation, typical results of clear attention, loving support and powerful energetic shifts focused on your Health Chapter include:
  • Clearing blocks you have to enjoying the physical realm so that you're more able to make healthy, empowering choices
  • Expanding beyond limitations around what you can and can't experience, do, or even deserve in terms of your well-being
  • Gaining clarity around how a physical condition has supported you and is no longer supporting you, so you can let go of sticky ideas, judgments or illusions that are keeping it in place
  • Aligning your energy so you can take begin to move with the natural ebb and flow of energy at every level
  • Energising your health and vitality chapter to create well-being at every level

    Sounds pretty fantastic! But how do you know which programme is the right one for you? First give yourself some quiet time to read through these three options and make a note of whatever makes your eyes twinkle, expands your heart or makes your lips curve upwards into one of the most transformative shapes on the planet - your smile.

    And then ask yourself these three questions:
    1. Where are you in your health story now?
    2. Where would you like to be?
    3. How ready are you to bridge that gap?
    Ready to dive in and explore how you can amp up the vitality, well-being and enjoyment of your health story? Then here are the three programmes:

    Turning the Page: (6 Months)
    Start a New Chapter: (9 Months)
    Create Volumes of Transformation: (12 Months)
    What's Next?

    Live Your Best with Zest
    Your Money Chapter
    Your Relationship Chapter