Live Your Best with Zest

I’ve been asking community members to let me know what their biggest block to living life with joy and graceful ease is. The answers are similar and include:

  • I don’t have enough energy
  • I’m just too tired to do the things I know would make a difference
  • I’m running on auto-pilot most of the time
  • I don’t have enough money to __________
  • I’d like to do x,y,z but now isn’t the right time
  • I never seem to be able to lose weight
  • I’m sick and tired and nothing I try seems to make it better
  • I’ve lost all the spark in my relationship
  • I still haven’t found my romantic partner and just not sure that I ever will
  • I’m not showing up for my partner and/or children in the way I’d like because I’m just zapped
  • I work so hard in my job/business so there’s nothing left for me/loved ones at the end of the day
  • I can’t stand my job/boss/colleagues
  • I can’t afford to take time off and I’d only get more behind than I already am

Do any of these resonate? If yes, then you’re not alone. I’m hearing this more and more often, so I decided to explore how best to help. And this is the divine guidance I received to share with you:

“Living life this way is not what you came here for! You are not here to feel drained, tired or exhausted. You’re not here to make do or just get by. And you certainly don’t have to be put up with the daily grind and survive rather than thrive. Promise, cross-our-hearts, pinky swear that this is NOT your blueprint!”

I’ve learned not to ignore my guidance and designed a brand new programme to help you step out of this energy zapper zone andrealign with your innate potential, energy & blueprint. You may even find that, like other clients, you’re actually expanding beyond your original blueprint!

If you’re ready to plug your energy leaks and reignite your inner pilot light to LIVE YOUR BEST WITH ZEST, then this is what you’ll receive:

  • 3 x 1 hour private sessions to clear the illusions, realign to your true potential and activate whatever needs to bere-ignited for your most passionate, best life with all the energy and zest you can imagine!
  • 3 months of Soul Story Time membership : virtual bi-monthly meetings for Channeled Information & Tools, LIVE Coaching and Q&A
  • Special pricing to make it easier to say yes to you and your best life! Regular value for 3 private and 6 group sessions is $975. Your investment is only $697 in full or 4 x $177 ($708) monthly payments

Ready to sign up now? Just click here:

$677 Payment in full

$177 X 4 monthly payments ($708)

Not sure if you’re ready for this? Ask yourself how much is it costing you, your health, your loved ones or your career/business to continue as you are now? What else are you giving up? And what are you not allowing to come in?

My practice is evolving and I have limited space for this level of private coaching. If you’re ready to not just talk about your changes but do something, what are you waiting for? (My rates are going up very shortly, so this will be your last chance to get all this support at this level of investment.)

$677 Payment in full

$177 X 4 monthly payments ($708)

I can hardly wait to see you with that new spring in your step! How about you?


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