If so congratulations! Your dream is one of the reasons you chose to be here and embracing it and living it isn’t selfish. It’s the exact opposite! If you’re not living your dream right now: ask:

  • What is it costing you to have your dream tucked away but not experience it?
  • What are you giving up?
  • How is that affecting your health, your finances or your relationships?
  • How else would you contribute to the world if you were living life fulfilled, fully supported and joyful?
  • What does the possibility of actually living your dream feel like to you?

If you like this possibility, then you’ll LOVE the BIRTH YOUR DREAM MASTERMIND GROUP New class coming in 2014!

This compelling, miracle-rich, 9-part programme will only resonate if you’re motivated, committed and prepared to step onto new energetic pathways to follow whatever is most aligned with your soul’s purpose and calling, i.e., your dream! Read on for all the details AND get a 1 hour private LIFE PURPOSE session worth $300 alone! You can also receive a 30 minute BLOCK BUSTER private session to focus in on a key block to living your dream. This offer expires on 18th March.

This select group of committed and motivated individuals will connect through this group programme to birth a dream into the physical world - whether that’s a business, a baby or a big, beautiful goal. And it’s not about giving it all to your dream and sacrificing other parts of your life either!

So I’ve been where you may be right now. I’ve made all the “mistakes” and I’ve finally learned how to do things differently. I got out of my own way. And when I did that, energy flowed through me to nourish me and my dream again. And when that happens for you, everything becomes easier, more joyful, vibrant and abundant. Why? Simply because you’re living aligned to your purpose and expressing that is what you, as pure energy, inherently want to do!

The Birth Your Dream Mastermind will help you to step into a new way of being and living - whether that’s a brighter, healthier, happier you, a new or expanded business, a baby or another divinely inspired project. I'll be your midwife and you'll also have the support of other like-hearted souls, your fellow mastermind participants, to share feedback, encouragement, expertise, loving insight and the accountability that will help you to step into birthing your dream. It includes group calls, private sessions, dream partner, on-line forum, guest experts and more.

Your group call topics include:

  1. Conception: Prepare fertile ground for your dream to grow
  2. Aligning Purpose & Passion: Explore the nature of you, your unique energy and the laws of the universe
  3. Manifesting Keys: Move beyond The Secret & envision a multi-dimensional dream
  4. Embodying Your Dream: Try it on for size!
  5. Designing a Birthing Plan: Activate energies and strategies to create a joyful, miracle-rich birthing strategy
  6. Expanding Your Dream: Allow for the “something better”
  7. Celebrating You: Align or expand your Divine Blueprint!
  8. Birthing Your Dream: Embody your wisdom – past, present & future – to create your happiest now
  9. Nurturing your Dream: Creating sacred support for you and your dream

So join me as I guide you to plug back into what energises you - your dream, passion and gifts. Allow me to support you in clearing the B.S. (Belief Systems) that get in the way, realign with your purpose and your blueprint, and help you to live with your dream out in the world, not tucked away in your heart, head or on your vision board!

Once your energy is flowing and your dream is activated, we’ll move into how you can take the impactful actions and build the powerful connections that will help you to birth your dream with more joy than you might even imagine! Join this amazing group and, if you participate fully, use the tools and allow yourself to be fully supported, you can:

  • Embody a clearer sense of how you wish to show up for and experience your dream AND your life
  • Learn how to use practical, highly-effective tools that you’ll take with you into your daily life
  • Birth your dream when it’s “due” and learn how to nurture it during any developmental stage until you’re ready to welcome it into your physical world
  • Expand beyond your original dream , vision or goal! Once you see how you’ve been blocking your brilliance, you’ll let it shine more brightly than ever before. Your dream will naturally evolve and grow as you do
  • Create powerful partnerships that could last well beyond the 4 month programme and are priceless!
  • Receive 6 months of divinely guided support, Q&A and intuitive coaching beyond the end of the Mastermind

There has never been anything quite like this before and I’ve created this specifically to help you take advantage of the new, more expansive energies now available to you! So if you’re ready to turn your dream into a reality, join me in the Birth Your Dream Mastermind and receive:

  • 9 x 90 minute Group Sessions twice a month (4000+ value)
    • Methodology founded in a powerful blend of divine guidance & highly-practical and usable tools.
    • Includes activations to energise your vision, clear your B.S., connect with your future wisdom, design a miracle-rich, implementable birthing strategy and create powerful alignment between your Dream, your Actions and your Results
  • 2 x 30 minute Private Sessions ($300 value)
    • Option to bundle)
  • Private on-line forum for discussions, on-line laser coaching and support ($1000+ value)
  • Accountability Partner (invaluable!)
  • Practical and timeless Tools & Templates ($400 value)
  • Bonus calls with Industry Experts in energy management, personal & professional branding and more
  • 6 month Soul Story Time Membership ($150 value)
    • Two hours of high-powered topic calls, Q&A and coaching every month
    • Membership begins the same month your Mastermind programme ends
  • Invitation to private sessions, additional programmes and in-person training and events at exclusive rates
  • Special pricing to make it easier to say YES to YOU and YOUR DREAM!
  • Total value for the entire programme is well over $5,000. But your investment is $1,997 in full or 9 x $229 monthly payments. With my regular $300 hourly rate, the Mastermind Group offers you a rich bundle of goodies and support for an amazing deal!
    • Special rate of $1,697 in full or 9 x $199 monthly payments
    • 1 hour COMPLIMENTARY PRIVATE LIFE PURPOSE session (normally $300)

Are you truly ready for more this year? Then save your *money-back guaranteed seat here now:

In Full $1,997
9 payments of $229.00

This is for you if you are:

  • Committed to let this be the year that changes the rest of your life
  • Prepared to make way for the real you, the you who’s ready to be all you came here to be!
  • Inspired by the idea of stepping into your Unique Brilliance
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves, explore, dig and then plant your dream in fertile soil so it can flourish
  • Open to making your dream multi-dimensional and birth it into the physical world.
  • Willing to use the practical tools and business energetics to take action and create the results you wish
  • Open to giving and receiving support in this special group of like-minded and like-hearted souls
  • Prepared to collaborate, cooperate and consciously co-create so your dream can connect with your Community of customers, clients and partners

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Don’t have a clear sense of what you want to bring into the world
  • Look for excuses or reasons why nothing ever changes no matter how hard you try, pray or set intentions
  • Tend to blame others, circumstances, the planets, fate or divine timing when things don’t work out the way you’d like them to
  • Prefer not to show up for yourself or your dream. Without your active participation, it would be as impossible to birth a dream as it would be for a baby to be born without a mother!

Are you ready to save your seat?

In Full $1,997
9 payments of $229.00

If crystal-clear guidance and intuitive coaching combined with practical tools and expertise as a management consultant, business process improvement engineer, intuitive coach and entrepreneur sound really good, but you’re not sure if you’re up for the pace of this group, no worries! Just complete and return this Readiness Assessment to by Wednesday 6th March to apply for a complimentary 30 minute BLOCK BUSTER session. If we’re a good match, my team will set up a time for us to explore where you are, where you want to be and how willing you are to bridge that gap.

This will be a popular, size-limited programme so I can ensure best-in class service and support. If you’re feeling a pull to this Mastermind group and are ready to dive in, save your seat now or send in your Readiness Assessment before the posted for your session.

I can’t wait to see what a small group of committed, motivated, passionate beings with world-class support and divine guidance will create. How about you?


*I’m here to support those who are yearning to make their dream come true. If you join, show up for the calls, apply the tools and open up to receiving but decide you’re not quite ready for delivery, I’m offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE up until the 3rd group session is broadcast. BTW, this doesn’t mean you have to birth your dream before the end of the Mastermind! It’s a way for you to feel you’re in the right place to be supported, guided and nurtured as you either deliver or nurture your dream a little longer in powerful, practical ways.

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