Heal Your Money Story Coaching Programme (Soul Journeys ® Certification Course)

Are you ready to change your money story, your career/business?

Are you seeking a way to live every day with more ease, freedom and support with a healthy, happy money story?

Interested in perhaps starting your own business or expanding your existing practice to help others heal their money story and more?

Then you’re in the right place! I wanted all this and after years of inner healing, hours of study and $1000s on courses, classes, certifications and more, I found a path that really works! I’m delighted to share something with you that can change your life, your money story, your business and more – just as it did mine! Join me for the Soul Journeys® Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification programme starting August 27th, 2014! This six-month certification will give you the step-by-step process to not only heal your money story but also help you to guide others through this too.

This is a good fit for you if:

· You’re drawn to heal your own money story and perhaps help others do the same

· You’d love to have the step-by-step process, tools and templates to add another revenue-generating service to your existing soul-based business or to start one!

· You’re keen to collaborate with others who want to make a positive difference as well as work with me privately for deep healing, intuitive coaching and answers to your pressing questions

· You know there is more to you and your life but money is stopping you from moving forwards

· You’ve work really, really hard for everything but usually feel that anything you earn is actually a mistake

· You have a hard time trusting that there’ll be enough or that you’re enough

· You pull back from or slow down changes for fear of leaving your loved ones behind

I resonated with all of the above and more and this exact method is what I followed to accelerate my business, doubling it in 2012, 2013 and again by June of 2014. If I can do this, I know you can too. I’ll show up 110% for you but, just as with any kind of healing, this isn’t something I can do for you because you’ll need to practice the tools and apply them. This isn’t for you if:

· You tend to blame money, others, life, the weather, planets or anything else outside of you rather than looking to see what you can change, influence or let go

· You have done a ton of courses, read self-help books but nothing ever really changes

· You’re looking for someone to “fix” or heal you

Do you want to learn more? Then I’d love to help you!I love to help others transform their money stories through free seminars, private sessions, and audio classes. But what I love even more is sharing the tools, templates and steps that can help spread this method and healing to other teachers, coaches, advisors, therapists and healers too.In this 6 month Soul Journeys® Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program, you’ll learn to apply the exact same tools, templates and methodology to heal your own money story that I used to heal mine and am sharing to help other beautiful souls You’ll also learn how to help others too if you so choose! Successful completion of this course leads to certification as a Soul Journeys ® Heal Your Money Story consultant and potentially a trainer for other certified coaches too. In fact, I know this works so that’s why you have a money-back guarantee* too!

This will resonate for you if you:

  • Have a strong desire to heal your own money story more deeply
  • Are excited to create an amazing revenue-building service for your soul-based business and/or wish to add value to the wonderful clients you’re already serving
  • May wish to help others heal their money stories too because you understand that when you and others allow money to support you, you can make an amazing contribution to the world and whatever you are passionate about!
  • Are keen to be a part of this soul-based, high-vibrational, practical coaching programme with me, the Soul Journeys® Director of Learning & Development and Master Teacher
  • Love the idea of having an exclusive opportunity to apply to teach this method to other coaches in the future
  • Appreciate the rich and comprehensive support you receive through certification to coach this proprietary information
  • Would love others to easily find you and your services by being featured on the highly-visible Soul Journeys® site as a Heal Your Money Story certified coach
  • and so many more miracle-rich benefits!

This certification course will cover rich, in-depth, high-value content, such as:

  • Creating your big, crystal-clear money vision;
  • Joyfully re-aligning your money integrity;
  • Expanding all money channels and wealth possibilities;
  • Accelerating your money speedometer;
  • Co-creating wealth with your future self;
  • Learning and practicing how to coach others through their money issues and their resistances;
  • Creating a permanent, wealthy mindset;
  • Dealing with sticky client situations (money stirs up all kinds of interesting stuff in people’s money and other stories)
  • Aligning with how to be a powerful, effective money leader;
  • And more!

NEXT CLASS STARTS: August 27th, 2014

During this 6 month coaching intensive, you’ll receive:

12 x 1.5 hour monthly group training calls (virtual and recorded) where you’ll receive the step-by-step process on how to effectively coach others through their money stories. You’ll also participate in laser coaching calls to answer all your questions as you heal your own money story and prepare to coach others

Call held second and fourth Wednesdays beginning August 27th from 11:30am-1:00pm CST. Don’t worry if you can’t make all or any calls live, as you’ll be able to download all the recordings (value $5,400)

6 x 30min PRIVATE coaching calls with me with an option to bundle (value $1491) This gives you even more time to explore, clear and change YOUR specific money story resistances and expand your opportunities

1 amazing practice and accountability partner to support you in integrating the material and accumulating the 30 practice hours that you need to become certified (priceless and often continues after the course ends)

1 private Facebook group page to get all your questions answered, receive support, and celebrate your accomplishments! ($1000

1 set of invaluable tools, templates and packages to fully support shifts in your money story and those of your clients ($1000)

1 Joy of Money 4-part audio class ($249 value)

1 certification and website feature on www.souljourneys.ca upon successful completion of 30hrs of practice personal healing, awareness and integrity and ability to hold sacred space for others ($2000)

- Your own brilliant personal transformation and development (priceless)

- Exclusive pricing to other Your Soul Story programmes

When you take a look at the value, it’s worth more than $15,000 at my regular rate. Clearly I’m not going to charge you that amount! The full training certification fee is $4997. If you’re ready to dive into healing your money story, I want to make it easy to say yes! So you can register forONLY $2497 in full or 8 monthly payments of $327 ($2616)if you register by July 31st at 5 PM CST. That’s $2500 in savings!

This is only open to a a small group of highly-committed souls who are truly ready, motivated and choosing to heal their own money story. You may also be interested in helpingothers do the same – even if you’re not sure about that at the beginning of the programme! I’m so sure that if you show up, practice and apply these tools that this can help you make the changes you wish, that I’m offering a money-back guarantee * too.

If you’re excited to be certified in this innovative, inspired and high-vibrational coaching programme AND have lots of private time with me, click here to reserve your seat by July

One Time Payment of $4997 $ 3997 on or before August 15, $4997 afterwards

OR 8 Monthly Payments of $629 $ 507 (4056) on or before August 15, $629 (5032) afterwards

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email within 1 business day and a welcome packet closer to our start date.

I’m so confident that you’ll love this that I’m offering a money-back guarantee* until September 16th after the 2nd call is broadcast!

I can’t wait to support you through this life-changing training series and help you prepare for a whole new phase in your personal life and/or career or business no matter what your money story is now or what your professional goals may be!

Until then, I wish you joy always and in all ways.


Terms and Agreements:

In purchasing this program:

I understand I am committing to paying the chosen payment plan in full, as this is an all-inclusive program in which I am enrolling. I understand that this program is non-refundable after September 16th 2014. Any refunds that are processed will subtract any incurred merchant fees and completed private sessions at the special discounted rate of $300 per hour.

I understand the impact of reversal energy on myself and those around me when I commit to moving forward and then change course.

A $30 late fee will be charged for payment not received, or unable to be processed, by each instalment due date.

I understand that if I fail to meet the conditions of this agreement, I will be responsible for any legal fees which might arise and any expenses which may be incurred by Alicia Isaacs Howes, Alicia Isaacs Howes LLC or Your Soul Story in efforts to obtain full payment.

*Refunds are processed at the end of the month.