Welcome to the Your Soul Story's Coaching Programmes, a unique offering of services that are all designed specifically to support you on not just finding your path to joy, but creating it and having an absolute blast along the way!

You're in exactly the right place if you:

  • Feel that life's pretty good but have an inkling there's something more for you
  • Have always had a sense that you're here to do something big but aren't yet clear about what that something is or how ready you are for it
  • Are ready to live the life of your dreams and inspired to do something about it!

  • Based on supporting others through hundreds of Soul Story readings, I've carefully created coaching programmes that focus on the most common chapters that people grapple with in their Soul Stories: Health. Money. And Relationship (And I mean relationships of all kinds – romantic, professional, family, friendship - you name it!).

    Your Soul Story's Coaching Programmes offer you an exclusive, heart-felt deep dive into your soul and how to create the most delightful path forwards. I absolutely love hearing the enthusiasm in my clients' voices as they tap back into the inspiration, the power and the wonder of living their dreams. Can you imagine what it would be like to feel that? And how about not just on extra special days but every day?

    However you choose to support yourself with the right coaching programme for you, you'll be able to:

  • Get crystal clear on your dreams, your gifts and how to live your life in the brightest way possible
  • Remove anything (conscious or unconscious) that has been in your way, gain a deeper and broader perspective on your life and remove the blinkers to all of your brilliant potential, greatest possibilities and deepest joy
  • Receive highly intuitive, powerful, one-on-one support and guidance from me on a consistent basis
  • Understand, heal or improve your physical health
  • Create a happier, easier relationship with money and learn to play and partner with financial abundance
  • Create more harmony in any kind of relationship
  • And get all this combined with my unique blend of intuitive abilities, deep understanding of how to create lasting change and super clear, loving and powerful coaching

  • Sounds pretty fabulous, right? Then, get comfortable and browse through the options to see whether you're ready to Turn the Page, Start a New Chapter or create Volumes of Transformation in your Health, Money or Relationship Chapter.

    And once you've had a chance to review and get a sense of what speaks to you, fill in your Coaching Readiness & Alignment assessment. Complete and return it to connect@yoursoulstory.com so I can assess if we're ready to set up your complimentary 30 minute private call. This is where we'll explore if we're a good match for each other and clarify the best programme to support you as you write your happiest upcoming chapters.

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