As soon as you book your Soul Story reading, you send a message that you're ready to partner with your Soul AND the Universe. This action demonstrates your willingness to align with more happiness and well-being that you already deserve. And, of course, the Universe will very naturally accommodate your desire. Even before you have your private session, things will start to come up so you're more aware of what might not align with this desire. I invite you to bring these forward in our time together so you can clear, realign and choose again. Rich opportunities, magical connections and synchronicities will appear, so keep your eyes, arms and heart open to receiving them!

You can join me for your 1 x 60 minute session by clicking the button below to process payment. You’ll then be automatically linked to my online calendar to choose a good time to meet on my private phone bridge line. If you aren’t led to the calendar for any reason, reach out to my team at and they’ll take very good care of you!

Pay in Full: $497

If you’re ready to go deeper than is possible in sixty minutes, I’d love to make it as easy as possible to do that. You can join me for three or five sessions for a discounted rate, complimentary membership to my virtual monthly Soul Connection group, optional payment plan and more.

These are right for you if you:

  • Want more than one best massage for your spirit ever so you can align with deep, soul-level transformation
  • Are ready, willing, able AND choosing to heal or align with the change you seek
  • Understand that only you can create the change and no one outside of you has a greater say in how you feel or the results you attain
  • Would love to have a neutral, loving perpective to help you get out of your own way, help you realign with what you’d love, remind you of your brilliance and celebrate you and your successes!
  • Are excited to partner with someone who sees your potential and reminds you of that even when you can’t see it for yourself

Multiple sessions are not a good fit if you:

Tend to complain about the same situation, circumstance, pattern or relationship but aren’t willing to change it

Are seeking someone else to “fix” you or make something better

Have been to a series of readers, counsellors, therapists or healers without any real shifts because they didn’t do enough or know enough to help you

Love to blame life, money, others, the weather, planets, anyone or anything else for how you feel or how you live your life

SOUL BOOSTER: 3 x 1 Hour Private Sessions

Series of private phone sessions 2-4 weeks apart to go deeper in clearing and aligning with the changes you seek. Includes:

  • 3 x 1 hour private sessions
  • 3 month Soul Connection membership for additional support, intuitive coaching and Q&A

Valued at over $1500, your investment is $1047 in full or $360 x 3 ($1080), for $450 savings

Pay in Full: $1047

Payment Plan Option: $360 x 3 ($1080)

REALIGNMENT SERIES: 5 x 1 Hour Private Sessions

Series of private phone sessions 2-4 weeks apart to explore, clear, align and activate the changes you seek. Includes:

  • 5 x 1 hour private sessions
  • 5 month Soul Connection membership for additional support, intuitive coaching and Q&A

Complimentary copy of Live Your Best digital master class

Valued at over $2600+, your investment is $1497 in full or $310 x 5 ($1550) for $1100 savings

Pay in full: $1497

Payment Plan Option: $310 x 5 ($1550)

Love the idea of getting more support from your own intuitive, crystal-clear coach but not sure if you’re ready for a series?

There’s a way to get a better sense of how our work together can make a difference and not miss out on the savings. Book your first 1 hour session and, if you love how you feel at the end and know this is your next right step, let my team know within 2 weeks of your first session. We’ll roll your initial payment into a 3 or 5 month series with the bonus Soul Connection membership so you don’t miss out on the savings and extra support!

You can also apply to Start a New Chapter (6 month programme) or Create Volumes of Transformation (12 month). Obviously there are limited spaces for these. As I want nothing less than miracles for you, I only open these options up if you’re truly ready to shift AND we’re a stellar energetic match. That’s why I offer you the opportunity to apply for a complimentary session with me so we can determine if this is a next good step. Click here to download an application for your no-cost session or get more information! READINESS ASSESSMENT PDF

What are others saying?

"Alicia's work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures clear truth and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a is Alicia."
Therese Rowley, PhD, author of Mapping A New Reality,

"I was ready to make profound change and - if you are open to the process, I must say it is one of the easiest processes/shifts I've ever done. I've changed. and will be making significant changes going forward! Letting go of the fear.... what a wonderful freeing way to live, to be-ing!"

Margaret Price

"I just had my session this week with Alicia and was WOWed by her accuracy, the joyfulness of the process, depth and completeness of her work (really is more joyful than the word work describes). I appreciated her ability to connect with me with integrity, purity and loving intention while doing in her Intuitive Coaching/Your Soul Story work. I was able to release a number of core patterns and illusions easily and effortlessly. For those of you who can shift and clear energy quickly, Alicia can keep up with you (refreshing)!! I can easily recommend Alicia for anyone who is choosing to get clarity or move forward in their life – she is fantastic. Thank you Alicia again for the session!
Julie Jameson, Founder/Healer,