About Alicia Isaacs HowesSo, how do I begin to tell you how I got here doing what I absolutely love? Well, let's see …a long time ago in a far away land...

Actually, it wasn't that long ago. Or even that far away for some of you. I was born in London, England as the eldest of five children. Being the first child to enter the world set the stage for many other firsts that were to come. There have been many other doors and experiences I had to go through first, so that others (like you) could one day follow.

Acknowledging and trusting my intuition was one of those doors. It's not always easy to put it into words but, from as early as I can remember, I had this sense of absolute knowing about things. For example, there was this one particular road near my childhood home. And as a very young girl, every time I crossed it, I had this feeling that one of my siblings was going to be hit by a car. And one day, unfortunately, my little brother was hurt by a car on that very road.

I was upset he was injured and horrified that maybe I'd made it happen with my thoughts. With my 10 year old perspective, I decided my knowing was dangerous to myself and others. So I tried to squish it. My defense mechanism was to ignore the feelings, the sudden insights or visions of the future and buckle down to being a good girl, student and finally employee.

After all, what was I supposed to do with seeing exactly how a housing development would be built while demolition was going on? What did it matter that I knew someone was going to marry someone she'd just met for the first time that day? Or that a technical solution that everyone was saying would work was going to fail miserably? Have you ever hidden a gift or a talent because you didn't feel comfortable or know how to use it?

I felt weird, awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin for many years. I ried to find a way to fit in by starting an acceptable career in management consulting. Fast forward a few chapters and I was now doing extremely well as a consultant with an internationally renowned company, living in different countries, earning a 6-figure income and rising through the ranks.

On the outside, I was living a fabulous life. But inside I was growing more and more unhappy, coming home from work in tears, overwhelmed and hopeless. I was drowning in not just my own stress but that of those around me. I could feel their pain and upsets, but didn't know how to help them. And I knew, deep down within me, that there was something more I was meant to be doing with my life. I felt that I was somehow off track and falling behind but had absolutely no idea how to figure out what track was the right one or how to find it.

Have you ever had that nagging sense that there's something more for you? Have you experienced frustration and bewilderment, having no idea what your next right step may be or even how to go about figuring it out? If so, keep reading! Because if I could find a way out of the confusion and pain, you can too.

For me, the stress and upset finally culminated in a disease that Western doctors told me had no cure but would only get worse. Well, as you can imagine, I didn't want to accept that kind of diagnosis. And so, motivated by a need to cure myself, I dove into exploring intuitive counseling, energy healing, cellular memory release, belief management, angelic communication and lots of other wonderful ways of playing with energy. It was all so new to me, and yet, it was also like finally coming home. I felt so vibrant, excited to learn and explore. I began to feel more normal somehow - as though the things I'd always known, felt or seen were not that weird after all. And with that heartfelt self-acceptance, I began to heal from the inside out. Not only did I cure myself of the physical disease, I cured myself of the mental and emotional dis-ease I had for the gifts I was born to express. Are you also looking for a way to balance a physical condition or an emotional distress?

I received my first Akashic Record Reading - what I call a Soul Story Reading - in July 2000. And it changed my life. The Soul Story Records became like an owner's manual on life. I was finally able to make sense of the other parts of me that I'd tried for years to ignore, suppress or hide. The guidance offered me simple, easy to follow steps and brilliant solutions that supported me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I was excited, honoured and beyond grateful that as I grew comfortable working in the Soul Story Records, I was then able to share this information, wisdom and healing with others.

Within two years of my first session, I stepped away from the corporate world and into my current, beloved role of a lifetime as healer, teacher and guide for others who are ready to embrace all their gifts and potential. It's a wonderful path that continues to surprise me with new information, knowledge, tools, understanding and pure joy every single day.

So what did I do to deserve all this? I finally accepted, on every level, two simple statements: Yes I am. And: Yes I can. Yes, I am a gifted healer, clairvoyant and claircognisant. And yes, I can move through all my fears of being seen as an oddball and just be me. And in accepting and acting upon these two seemingly very simple statements, happiness has taken on a whole new meaning in my life. One felt perhaps more deeply and more powerfully than what most people consider as being happy. It's an amazing feeling. And it's my wish for everyone, including you, to experience it. This is why my entire business is built around the concept of smiling from the inside out.

And I'm not just about multiplying the reasons for inner and outer smiles with my community. I'm thrilled to connect my business profits to Operation Smile. Read more here about this global charity that's making a difference on the planet every day.

Are you ready to start each day with a smile and begin living your Happy Ever After right here and now? Begin by signing up for your Soul Story ReVision Kit, worth $197, as my gift to you. And schedule your Soul Story reading today. Who knows? Maybe it will be just the thing you need to start changing your life too:-)

While you're here, be sure to view my short video introduction to Your Soul Story.