Joy of Money 4-Part Audio Class

Everyone has a money story and, if you're looking at this page, you're most likely feeling more than a little unhappy in yours. So would you like to make money your joyful partner, supporting you richly in your life, your passions and your dreams?

Can you imagine how much would shift if you were no longer worried about money - getting it, spending it, saving it or having it?

What would you do differently if you knew how to consciously attract it?

Maybe your money story is one where you:

  • Never have enough money (time or support) no matter how hard you work, how many hours you put in or how hard you pray or set intentions
  • Are afraid to ask for the pay rise, apply for that new job, start or expand a business
  • Feel uncomfortable charging others so you tend to give away your time, your gifts and your talent
  • Apply for jobs or try to expand your business but it never works out and you've learned to expect the rejection, refusal or the plateau in your income
  • Money never sticks around
  • Have money but feel it slipping through your fingers, often spending it as soon as it comes in
  • Are afraid to change your money story too much for fear of not fitting in with your friends and family
  • Have more than you need but don't know who might want to borrow, beg or even steal from you, so you can't enjoy it openly but feel the need to play it down, hide or protect it

Money stories affect other stories in our lives. So changing your money story can send happy ripples into any and all other parts of your life! And I'm sharing that from the perspective of someone who knows what it’s like to have an unhealthy and unhappy money story and learned how to change it.

The information, tools, templates and energy activations you'll receive in this 4-part audio series are how I finally began to heal my money story after spending hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and a ton of energy, attention and focus to no avail. And if I can do it, I KNOW you can too!

It's hard to convey through words how powerful this information is. It helped me to make REAL-LIFE, PRACTICAL changes in my life and business to such a degree that I couldn't wait to become aSoul Journeys ® Certified Heal Your Money Story coach. I’m also now a Master Teacher and the Soul Journeys® Director of Learning and Development for this method.

Are you ready to join me for this life-changing JOY OF MONEY audio series? This is where you'll:

  • Instantly release all energies from this lifetime or another that block you from having a healthy, supportive relationship with money;
  • Assign money, the eternal baddie in your story, a new role in your life wherescarcity becomes an illusion and you can enjoy prosperity in ALL areas of your life
  • Shift your current money story to align to the truth of money;
  • Bridge the gap between your future wealthy self and your present money story - whatever it is right now - so that you can live your happy, wealthy life NOW;
  • Experience powerful energy activations to permanently align you to the truth of money and your birthright to infinite wealth and abundance;
  • And so much more!

And because I'm passionate about helping you say yes to all that you deserve, listen to your soul and step into a new level of power and trust with yourself, I'm also adding in TWO SPECIAL BONUSES. Here's everything that you'll receive via your e-mail so you can get started asap:

  • 3 x 1 hour TOPIC AUDIOS designed to help you clear your block to money joy and other ways of being fully supported,align to the truth of money and begin to co-create your rich, most abundant future according to your divine wealth blueprint!
  • 1 x 1 hour Q&A/COACHING AUDIO with other students with real-life issues and questions that will help you get really clear about how you can change your money story. Special compilation to give you a rich variety of questions and money stories!
  • BONUS 1 : Soul Journeys ® HEAL YOUR MONEY STORY HANDBOOK packed with practical tools and templates to support you in revising your money story asap
  • BONUS 2 : 1 x 1 hour audio on the JOY OF MONEY. This is a great heart-opening introduction to the class material where you'll learn your most common way of blocking the joy of money, the truth about money and who you are, as well as receive an energetic clearing and activation to help open up all your receiving channels!


"I participated in Alicia's Joy of Money call and, subsequently, in her class, and it revolutionized me in totally unforeseen ways. In one 30-minute "Joy of Money" phone call, Alicia shined a light on the fact that a.) My relationship with money was about so much more than money, and that b.) It needed to change in order to reach my fullest expression of self...Since the class:

· I've gotten in touch with how I spend money and paid new attention to aligning my spending with greater family goals;

· I've attracted regular, well-paying and highly satisfying freelance work with a new company.
In my other freelance job, the floodgates have been opened for me to consciously help others through the work I do.

· I've stopped making self-deprecating comments in casual conversation with others. (This is huge for me.)

· I have a starkly new relationship with food. Whereas I used to employ unhealthy foods as a resource for comfort and for suppressing complex emotions, after wrapping up the class with Alicia, I embarked on a daunting detox, from which I emerged radiantly revived and, for the first time ever, in tune with what my body needs and wants me to eat. Moreover, not only am I attuned to what my body wants or doesn't want, but I have the power to act accordingly. The best part of the story is that I'm going on five months of effortless healthy eating.

· My physical form has changed significantly in the months since the class. I'm leaner, stronger, lighter and more balanced, inside and out. What's more, a part of my body I always thought was hopeless is changing dramatically in my favor.

· I received a couple long-forgotten checks in the mail.

· Friends have invited us to visit, with free accommodations, in two long-desired vacation destinations.

· I received a free plane ticket from a most unexpected benefactor.

· My friend offered to keep my kids overnight so my husband and I could get away without paying the cost of a babysitter.

· I'm experiencing a deepening connection with my intuition, and finding amazing new gifts within that connection.

I'd recommend Alicia's class to anyone looking for mind-blowingly positive change not only in their relationship with money, but with themselves and with the universe."
Emily Hughey-Quinn, Writer, Chicago, IL,

"Before consulting with Alicia, I was stuck in my money story...I believed that I was a stay-at-home mom who would never be able to get back into the work force because my skills were too rusty. I believed that no one would be interested in hiring me. After taking the course, I have been offered a part-time job that will work well for my family's schedule, but I also cleared many other blocks that were preventing me from being fully happy. Alicia helped me to see that the universe really is an abundant place and that everything I need is there the taking. Abundance began to flow into my life in many more ways than just in financial aspects. I stopped feeling so overwhelmed about everything and I began to simply allow good things to flow into my life!"
Christine Conroy, Chicago, IL

"My life has changed dramatically in the last 5 months and the most incredible shift is how I feel because of what I've learned. I discovered that the wealth I was seeking lives within me every day, and through those eyes…there is always more than enough! I have immeasurable gratitude for Alicia who helped me to discover the abundance in and all around us!"
Ellen Tanner, Ellen Tanner Consulting Inc

So are you ready to turn your money story around just as these and other lovely souls have? Then this audio class, plus all your special bonuses, is the perfect NEXT STEP!

If you were to work privately with me for 4 hours on healing your money story, your investment would be $1,988 at my regular hourly rate. But you can save over $1600 and get started right away for $297.

As soon as you make your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to start revising your money story asap!

Here’s to your results being greater than anything you could hope for, dream of or even imagine!



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