LIVE YOUR BEST HERE & NOW! 3-Part Digital Master Class

Do you sense that you’re here for something but don’t know what it is?

Perhaps you’re feeling a call to do more, be more but aren’t sure how to get started without lots of time, money and energy?

Or does something always seem to get in the way of the changes you want?

Then you’re in the right place! I’m excited to share the Live Your Best Here and Now Digital Master Class to help you align with your best life. I was guided to design this specifically so you can:

  • Release pain points to allow for more inspiration, innovation and creative energy
  • Connect to your purpose and potential
  • Align to your blueprint or even expand it
  • Follow your inner urge to live life in aligned with your passions!
  • Be, do, give, receive, contribute and experience so much more
  • Activate these changes now!

These 3 x 1 hour audio classes can give you a jump start to living your best life here and now starting ASAP! You’ll learn how to:

a. Release pain points gracefully and effectively to then integrate the blessings and wisdom
b. Renew your Prescription Lens to look at your purpose, passion & life with afresh perspective
c. Engage with your best life here and now

a. Align and possibly expand your Blueprint for this life
b. Activate harmony and healing through all lifetimes
c. Allow for divine support, guidance and abundance to flow in

a. Get your questions answered as you listen to real-life questions and answers
b. Follow along with the intuitive coaching to clear those sticky issues in your tissues!

Typical results are greater levels of clarity, peace, new insights, inspired solutions or brand new ideas, a sense of grace, ease and broadened horizons that naturally occur as you let go of old, outdated illusions, limiting mindsets and fear-based beliefs.

At my regular hourly rate, these alignments & activations would normally be just under $1500. You’ll get three hours of divinely channeled information to listen to whenever and as often as you like for only $97 or $1400 in savings!

Are you finally ready to listen to that part of you that knows there is more for you? Click below and you’ll be able to download the digital class straight away:

I can’t wait to support you in shifting gears and moving into a whole new perspective that aligns with your Best Life HERE and NOW and well into your FUTURE!



“Alicia's work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures clear truth and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a is Alicia."
Therese Rowley, PhD, author of Mapping A New Reality,

"Oh, where do I begin with the gifted, talented and lovely Alicia Isaacs Howes?? Every time I've connected with Alicia, I always receive some AMAZING golden nugget or insight about my life I could not see on my own. I am a pretty awake and aware woman. For this reason, I require someone with fairly advanced intuitive abilities to support me. Alicia takes the cake on so many levels in that department! I HIGHLY recommend Alicia as the ONLY intuitive you'll ever need to work with! "
Kim Sarrasin, Queen of Hearts,

"Hmmmm ... what do I recommend about Alicia? Well, for starters, everything. Seriously! This woman is one of the most grounded, intuitive, gentle yet powerful people you could ever hope to work with. Her ability to tune into not only what a situation is really about but what is actually driving it on a subconscious level beneath the scenes is amazing. She will always, always help you find your way to the bigger picture and the deeper lesson in the current chapter of your life. She expertly guides you see both the root of the issue at hand as well as the quickest, most heart centered way to move forward. She can deliver messages that are hard to hear in a way that is easy to absorb and her ability to shift and clear energy right on the spot makes every session with her as empowering as it is insightful. If you are considering working with Alicia, my advice is not to wait another minute to call her. She is truly a charm on the bracelet of life."
Merry Carole Powers, Founder of Powers Emporium,