Soul Journeys® Akashic Record Certification: Level One VIRTUAL

Are you ready to:

  • Connect to the deepest part of your Soul?
  • Clear subconscious blocks and resistances that cause you upset or pain in your health, your relationships or your finances?
  • Make decisions and live from your soul's wisdom and power?
  • Align with your path of greatest joy?
  • Create your happiest, most abundant future?

Yes! Then you’re in the right place to learn how. After more than 15 years of working with energy healing and multiple methods, a Soul Story reading still facilitates the deepest level of healing I have yet encountered. I describe it as a massage for your spirit and it’s wonderful to receive this from someone who can hold sacred, loving space and support you as you reconnect consciously to who you truly are.

Can you imagine the world of possibilities that would open if you could open and explore your Records whenever you wish? Yes! Then join me for the SOUL JOURNEYS® AKASHIC RECORD CERTIFICATION LEVEL 1.

You’ll learn how to access your own Soul Story/Akashic Records. This is a virtual class so you can join me from wherever you are in the world and receive the recordings to listen whenever and as often as you like.

By completing the Level 1 class, you not only learn how to access your own Records but, if you choose, also work towards Certification as a Soul Journeys ® Consultant and Teacher! (It's your choice if you read for others and not everyone who begins this journey wants that. Once you experience this deep level of healing, however, you may just want to dive into expanding your skill set and helping others too!)

Here are the details for this life-changing course:

What : Soul Journeys ® Akashic Record Certification Level 1

Where : On the phone from wherever you are in the world. Country-specific numbers available in most locations.

When : Saturday, January 31st and Sunday, February 1st, 2015 - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, both days.

(Click here to check your local timezone

What You Receive :

  • Live, customized instructor-led course with a Soul Journeys® Master Teacher and Director of Learning & Development for this method (recordings available)
  • Downloadable comprehensive student manual
  • Soul Journeys® certificate upon successful completion
  • Special Bonus: 2 MONTH COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIP to Soul Connection ($50 value) for divine guidance, live Q&A and intuitive coaching so you receive additional support.


My first Soul Story reading in 2000 changed my life when I experienced the healing from a painful loss as well as the knowing that I was to learn how to share this powerful tool with others. Since then I've experienced the miracle of personal healing and the joy of facilitating that for others. I can't wait to support you in learning how to access your own Akashic Records so you can create your own miracles and most joyful path too!


After nearly 11 years working in the Akashic Records and hundreds of readings for others, I felt the undeniable call of my inner guidance to study the Soul Journeys® method in 2011. I loved this approach so much and experienced such amazing levels of healing and expansion that I am now the Soul Journeys® Director of Learning Development, Master Teacher & Certified Consultant .

I'm absolutely thrilled to share this graceful, easy, powerful method to work in your own Records so you can experience deep healing and consciously co-create in a miracle-rich, joyful way.

The class is size-limited to ensure I can give you individual attention and support as you build confidence in your ability to explore your Records, expand your possibilities, clear hidden blocks and create the life of your dreams.


I’m a little biased about this because of how much it’s helped me to heal and evolve. So here is how other students describe their experience:

"It is a celebration, A homecoming of self with self." ~ Deb Costa

"Accessing the records is a wonderful tool to attain that which one desires and to assist you with feeling more connected to self/God. Plus it feels amazing and very expansive! Best of all, we all can do this" ~ Katie Kleppe

“Whether you do this work for self healing or as a help to others your work and calling is truly an honor. I am honored I finally found myself after struggling with ignoring my call.” Marie Galdi, Founder of Alternative Health Visions, LLC

“Alicia is an amazing teacher! And the flow and content of the course material was very easy to follow." ~ Peggy Ottman, Writer,

"It provides a thorough, efficient and empowering method of accessing your own Akashic Records, in a safe and supportive environment." ~ - Alison Stokes, Astrologer, Mystic Therapist and Animal Healer.

"I was ready to make profound change and - if you are open to the process, I must say it is one of the easiest processes/shifts I've ever done. I've changed. and will be making significant changes going forward! Letting go of the fear.... what a wonderful freeing way to live, to be-ing!" `~ Margaret Price

“Alicia Isaacs Howes is a brilliant, heart-centered teacher with a vision of her students that transcends their abilities to create happy, meaningful lives. This was my experience with Alicia’s Soul Journeys Akashic Records Level 1 Class. In her wise, succinct and poetic manner, Alicia not only helped me to understand my power, purpose and passions as an individual, but most diligently helped every student implement these discoveries to maximize real-life opportunities in business and relationships. Since attending Alicia’s Soul Journeys Akashic Records Class, I have found myself with an expanded view of what I am capable of – and in light of that, was inspired to create a new business and shift out of trauma from an eighteen-year abusive relationship. The two words that hardly do her and her class justice, but that should be said in abundance, are “thank you”.~Nadia Powers, Chief Energy DeClutterer


If it does, I want to make it as easy as possible to say yes to you and your soul. The regular certification fee is $497. Reserve your seat on or before December 15th and SAVE $100 with the Early Bird special of $397 in full or $108 x 4 ($432).

Now that you know you can consciously access your Records whenever you wish and create health, wealth and happiness in all kinds of relationships, what are you waiting for?

One Time Payment of $397 on/before December 15th . $497 afterwards

OR 4 x $108 (432) on/before December 15th. 4 x $134 (536) afterwards

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome note within 1 business day so you can prepare for the best experience possible. You’ll get your electronic copy of the manual the week before class. This is a final purchase and, as the class is recorded, you’ll receive everything you need. Sometimes a student’s wants to cancel at the last minute or finds “reasons” they can’t attend. These are linked to the very pattern that they most need to clear - even if it’s not obvious. I really want the miraculous shifts that you’re seeking and your conscious choice to enrollis the first step. For this reason, your seat is non-refundable and you’ll still get the training, access to all the support from me, your peers and Soul Connection membership. If there are extenuating circumstances, you may be able to move your seat to a future class or another available class/service/product.


There are three levels in the Certification Program and all will be offered once or twice per year. Click here for the SOUL JOURNEYS ® ARC PROGRAMME Overview

QUESTIONS? Please send an email to and my team will get back to you within two business days!