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Can you believe that this year is rapidly moving towards its finale with another holiday season? As you read that, do you:

  1. Feel excited, anticipate a joyful time reconnecting with loved ones, celebrating traditions, taking time to rest from your usual routine and appreciating the year as you prepare for 2015?
  2. Move straight into overwhelm and stress just thinking about adding activities and events to your alreadyjam-packed schedule, dealing with the holiday-shopping frenzy, managingpersonal/professional obligations, spending time with people you don’t get on with or getting through another holiday without your divine life partner by your side?
  3. A unique combination of the any of the scenarios above?

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of excitement, apathy or even dread, this time of year is a powerful time to honour and celebrate the light within you. Are you aware that you can even tap into the cosmic energies of the Solstice and prepare to attune even more brightly to that inner glow that comes from your own Soul?

Whether you are or not, you don’t have to figure out how to add one more thing to your calendar! I’ve been guided to help you align to the power of your own soul through miracle-rich, remote, daily energetic Soul Attunements in a super-accessible, easy way through the 21-DAY SOUL ATTUNEMENT!

On a DAILY basis for 21 DAYS, you can do whatever you’d normally do and be wherever you choose to be. I’ll channel whatever is needed to help you release stress, worries and energetically heavier energies that can stifle the flow of energy, inspiration, motivation and joy. After all, when you attune your physical, emotional and mental bodies to your soul’s frequency, lightness of being is a natural consequence!

Just imagine the possibilities of consistent, daily energetic support for 10+ hours over three weeks! You’ll receive whatever will most help you release illusions, distortions and stress that lead to discomfort. Reconnect to a lighter state of being that matches your soul’s frequency for results that can include:

  • Immediate or gradual relief from pain
  • Healing with others (deceased or living), yourself, your body, your finances, etc.
  • Release of denser energies such as stress, overwhelm, guilt, blame, shame, judgment, irritation, anger, depression, despair, etc.
  • Renewed or increased clarity , energy and joy
  • Enthusiasm and motivation to start or complete projects/goals, including ones that you’ve pushed aside for a long time
  • Expansion of your heart to love yourself, your life and others more fully
  • Increased appreciation and gratitude
  • Overall lightening up at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  • Clarity on your Soul Purpose and seeing it as a gift not a burden
  • Feeling aligned to your Soul Purpose so you can live it!

Join me if you’d love to receive:

  1. DAILY REMOTE ENERGETIC SUPPORT to help you clear and align with your heart’s intention (e.g., harmony, peace, calm, health, clarity, abundance, etc.)
    • Be supported through energetic clearing and activations to help you attune to the frequency from your own soul that will most serve you at this particular time
    • Know that you’re making the most of the special Solstice energies
    • Receive what you most need without having to do anything special or be anywhere specific. (By joining the programme, you give me permission to work with your guides and your higher self to channel whatever will most serve you!)
    • Go about your regular routine or set aside time every day to tune into your soul’s energy as a lovely break from daily stress and chores
    • Download a bonus recording before to guide you in setting your intention for your Attunement experience
  2. SOUL ATTUNEMENT downloadable recordings x 3 (approximately 10 minutes long) to listen to once a week or whenever and as often as you like.
    • Divinely channeled to support you and this particular group’s energy
  3. Opportunity to join me LIVE for 4 x 45 min GROUP CALLS and get extra support – often one of the favourite components of this experience!
    • Connect , share insights, ask questions and receive laser coaching to help you open up and receive as much of your soul’s energy as possible. It’s an extra boost to your Soul Attunement so don’t worry if you can’t make any or all of them. Replay available!
  4. Access to our private FACEBOOK page to connect with other beautiful souls, receive support andinspiration, and central location for all downloadable files/replays. I’ll be popping in there to answer quick questions too! (priceless!)
  5. Participate in SPECIAL BONUS CLOSED CALL in January 2015 to help you start your new year in a way you’d love!
    • This is for the first 10 to register only so I can keep it intimate and support you individually with Q&A/intuitive coaching.


It’s hard to put into words something that helps you realign to your infinite beingness but here’s what some of the beautiful souls who’ve been through this have to say:

"For over 3 years I have had a pain in my right hip, getting really bad the last 8-9 months or so. In thesecond week of the Soul Attunements the pain started to go away and is now completely gone! I have also had lots more energy, and felt very motivated to do a 9 day detox in the middle of this, resulting in losing 2 of 3 kg that I put on over 3 years ago and have not managed to shift until now Thank you for all your work Alicia!" - Vibeke Francis Reiki Master Healer www.whitehorsereiki.com

WOW! I have had the most amazing night! I've had an * EUREKA* moment and everything has suddenly become clear and beautiful!!! I can see how we are all connected by energy - people, nature, the planets, money, food, love - in one continuous loop - just like the Infinity symbol. I have always known this on an intellectual level, but now I KNOW it emotionally, mentally and physically - it's in every cell of my body I am part of it and everything I could ever need is already inside me, and my World just reflects this. I don't know if that makes sense, because it's difficult to put into any language.( No - I am not high or had 10 Espressos! )I feel as if the weight of the World has been taken off my shoulders, and I can now just relax and enjoy life as I was always meant to. The RELIEF! “ - Alison Stokes, Astrologer, Mystic Therapist and Animal Healer, www. http://silversoultherapy.com

“The biggest change I've noticed is the ease I am having doing this 21 day detox...the last time I did one I had a horrible time with it, and with this one it just feels easy and natural. I think I knew deep down that my soul wanted me to do this, and with the attunement my body is just having an easier time. I didn't really experience anything having to do with my original intention for the program, but I am thinking that maybe this cleansing is a way to make room for me to receive more in the future! I loved knowing that you were thinking about me every day, and I loved the actual soul attunement recordings. I honestly wouldn't change a thing! ” - Peggy Ottman, Writer/blogger, www.myconsciousnessproject.com

“Before the Soul Attunement I felt stuck, I had been working so hard it felt like on my spiritual healing and was in need of a boost or something to get me out of the muck I felt I was in. I appreciated the guidance beforehand on how to set intentions and was looking forward to connecting with everyone on the calls that you offered. That was a sense of community I was missing. Your guidance and healing opportunity when we talked on one of the calls changed me. I got immediate physical relief from the back pain I was experiencing and a sense of joy was returned with the knowledge that I gained about a past life that mirrored this life. I want to tell you that in that call with you, you were guided to tell me that you saw I had been "trekking" thru jungles & across continents & was now ready to get on a beautiful mahogany yacht to cross the ocean to a beautiful land & that I have the opportunity to let go of the stress, striving & struggle I've been carrying (which was very true). That I am fully supported & I will feel rested & restored. Well, we are leaving for Maui on January 12th to be married on January 13th. After Maui we are going to Tahiti & Bora Bora which is a such a wonderful dream come true. When we met with the travel agent about the trip, she was saying that when we land in Bora Bora we will be taken to the hotel by a yacht. Doug asked if the yacht happened to be Mahogany and she said YES. That is so amazing and wonderful. She said it was a really nice "super" yacht which is what you had described. I wanted to share that with you and thank you for sharing your gift with each and every one of us.” “ - Brenda Strong, Certified Radical Living Coach, http://www.besoulstrong.com/

“Before the 21-Day Soul Attunement I really didn't understand why I felt such a strong commitment to taking care of my Mom, like it was my sole responsibility to be there for her whenever she required that of me, and without questioning it. I had allowed myself to feel guilty when I didn't respond and do whatever she was requesting of me, believing I was never enough if I wasn't there for her in every way. Alicia, through my Spirit guides and my Akashic records, was able to share with me that in a past life I had this same type of relationship with my Mom, where without question I took over her care after my Dad was killed. I saw that I was to move beyond this in this lifetime. I was told that I had been given this feeling of responsibility for my Mom in the womb so it was no wonder to me that I have felt it all during this lifetime! Because I learned that my Mom and I have an agreement in this lifetime to help me to step into my own power, I have been able to take steps in that direction, leaving the guilt that I normally feel behind. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to move forward on their spiritual path and have a better understanding of their Divine Purpose. Thank you Alicia for your loving, caring support!” - Pam McKinney

I look forward to witnessing the miracles that await you too. So are you READY TO SAVE YOUR SEAT?

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Isn’t it time you gave yourself a gift this year and lightened up in every way? If so, register with one of these payment options:

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You’re worth way more than all the money in the world! Sign up before November 8 and for the same price as daily latte and a snack to keep you going in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, receive support in clearing heavy, denser energies and opening up to the high-vibrational frequencies from your own soul.

You don’t even have to make room in your already busy schedule for anything else! (Of course, I’d love for you to participate in the group calls but these are optional and recorded too.)

QUESTIONS? Send a message to my team at connect@yoursoulstory.com and we’ll get back to you asap!

However you decide to celebrate the end of the year and prepare for 2015, may your own soul’s light shine more brightly every day in every way!

I look forward to witnessing the miracles that await you.